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Acar Yat

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09 Şubat 2024 - 11:42

Acar Yat

Acar Yat

Acar Yat is a company that has been serving in the marine construction industry for more than 36 years. Founded by Ahmet ACAR, the main aim of our company is to achieve the quality standard with every boat we manufacture and repair.

Acar Yat, together with its more than 60 employees and expert business partners, serves its customers with original designs, superior technology and high quality. Acar Yat, which aims to provide the best service to its customers by setting the standards of modern and luxurious life concept, was founded by Ahmet ACAR in 1977.

Acting with the vision of offering quality and useful products to its customers, Acar Yat adopts a customer-oriented project and production approach. As a result of this approach, it has served more than 200 customers, including maintenance, refit and new construction.

Acar Yat continues to serve customers and bring innovations to the sector, maintaining the excitement of its first establishment under the leadership of Mehmet ACAR’s Honorary Chairman and Chairman of the Board Sebahattin ACAR.

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