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10 Şubat 2024 - 21:00


Christensen Shipyards: Innovative Leadership in Quality

Nearly forty years ago, when Dave Christensen could not find a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing motor yacht made in America, he decided to build his own. After successful completion, Christensen Shipyards was born with the vision of offering the same quality and reliability to other yacht owners.

Today, Christensen Shipyards continues its original vision of delivering beautiful ocean-going yachts to sailors. The company is managed by two owners who own six Christensen yachts and aim to reach new heights in quality and construction experience.

The unique workforce the shipyard offers is based on over nearly 1,000 man-years of boatbuilding experience. Each is dedicated to integrity and transparency to ensure each boat is built to the highest quality and delivered on time and on budget.

When Dave Christensen opened the shipyard, he hung a sign over the entrance: “The world’s best boatbuilders pass through these doors.” Today, the new owners expand on that statement: “And the most satisfied Motoryacht owners in the world.” This highlights Christensen Shipyards’ ongoing commitment to quality leadership and customer satisfaction.

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