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Euro Boat 700 Center Console

Son Güncelleme :

27 Ocak 2024 - 17:40

Euro Boat 700 Center Console

Unlimited Adventure and Incredible Opportunities!
2024 MODEL – Only 22,000€
Euroboat 700 C Center Console is now ready to push the limits and take your adventure at sea to a tremendous level! This unique boat is a wonder with a wide range of uses, from hard-top offshore amateur fishing to water sports, which you can own for only € 22,000.

Safe, Stable and Durable:
Offering a high level of safety in terms of hull strength, Euroboat 700 does not let in water splashes and always maintains its resistance against high waves. Designed in every detail, this boat makes you feel not only at sea but also safe.

Great Hardware and Deals:

Seating for 20 people
Stainless steel railings and stairs
Stainless steel Hard Top
Water-resistant vinyl seat cushions
Remote controlled music system + 4 Marine speakers
All navigation lights and projector
Deck Flexiteek coating
Fuel tank and gauge
Water tank and shower assembly
fish tank
Under console cabinet
Console visor glass
cantilever glass pipe
Water tank 60lt plastic
Battery (2 pieces)
both switch
Reed fishing rod holder 2+2 pieces
pressure water pump
electrical installation
Extensive Lighting and Security Equipment:

Port starboard lamps, illuminated flagpole, recessed horn, switch panel (8 pieces), pool lighting, cigarette lighter, bilge pump, pressurized booster, projector (2 fixed), strobe lights, radar reflector.
Limited Offer:
This enormous Euroboat 700 is available exclusively to a few lucky people and is available in limited numbers. Order now and own this unique marine vehicle within 25 business days!

Note: Prices do not include VAT. VAT rate is 20%. Don’t miss this opportunity, take control of the sea!

Boats Group Sales Team
Whatsapp: 05374327117


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