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Mulder Shipyard

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15 Şubat 2024 - 7:27

Mulder Shipyard

Mulder Shipyard: 80 Year Master of Yacht Building

Founded in 1938 by Dirk Mulder, Mulder Shipyard is part of the famous Dutch yacht building family. A traditionally family-run business, the company builds a wide range of yachts, from classic Super Favorite Cruisers to Favorite Super Skippers and many more custom and semi-custom motoryachts. The Mulder fleet has been a welcome sight in Dutch and international waters for years.

History and Tradition
Dirk Mulder started working at the Mulders Voorschoten shipyard in Voorschoten in 1938 and has since established himself in the field of yacht building and carpentry. Mulder Shipyard launched a 7.5 meter motor yacht in 1953, the first built with riveted frames and welded hull plates. This was considered the predecessor of the famous Super Favorite Cruiser and was affectionately nicknamed “Baby Favorite”.

Legacy Carrying on to Future Generations
By the late 1960s, Dirk Mulder Sr appointed a manager for his garden to make things easier, but in 1984 his garden was taken over by 22-year-old Dirk Robert Mulder. This era allowed the development of new models and construction methods such as Favori Superior and Mulder Futura.

Innovation and Growth
In the late 1980s, a new construction hall was added to the shipyard to increase production, and a second large facility was built in the early 1990s. Mulder Shipyard ushered in a new era with the launch of the Mulder 74 Flybridge in 1998. During this period Mulder became a recognized name in the market for larger, higher quality luxury yachts.

International Recognition and Success
In the early 2000s, the shipyard began to attract international attention with new models. Mulder completed construction of the Mulder 70 Wheelhouse in 2003 and soon began receiving orders from various continents. New models and increasing demand have made the shipyard a worldwide success.

Adaptation to Modern Times
By the 2010s, Nick Mulder joined the family business as the third generation, assisting his father in the day-to-day operations of the company. In 2013, a new facility was opened in Zoeterwoude-Rijndijk, representing a premium facility for the maintenance, refitting and construction of yachts.

Present and Future
Today, Mulder Shipyard has maintained its mastery of yacht building for more than 80 years. It has become a world-renowned brand for its yachts equipped with the latest technologies and aims to maintain its leadership in the field of yacht construction in the future.