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Ocean Yachts

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24 Şubat 2024 - 15:17

Ocean Yachts

Ocean Yachts: The Name of Excellence at Sea

Ocean Yachts was founded in 1977 to build Superior Sportfishing vessels and has since become a pioneer in the marine industry. With ship sizes ranging from 37 to 73 feet, Ocean Yachts aims to offer the highest level of comfort and performance to fishing and cruising enthusiasts.

The basic principle of the company is to offer customers semi-private yachts. These yachts are powerful, fast, safe and have excellent performance at sea, which custom builders can produce quickly but are fully adapted to customer needs. Ocean Yachts pays attention to detail at every stage and constantly develops innovative solutions.

This unique approach is one of the features that distinguishes Ocean Yachts from other shipbuilders. The company continues to deliver excellent sailing experiences to sailing enthusiasts while continuing the family-owned tradition of customer service.

Ocean Yachts has become the name of excellence at sea with its approach focused on quality, performance and customer satisfaction.

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