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Pearl Yachts

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24 Şubat 2024 - 18:08

Pearl Yachts
Pearl Yachts

Producing a limited number of high-quality yachts each year is a brand-defining choice. Conceived by the world’s most renowned yacht and interior designers, we are committed to delivering a world-class product, meticulously designed and crafted by expert hands obsessed with perfecting every detail. Pearl builds yachts in a clamshell, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that houses the entire supply chain. Only in this way can we maintain faith in our mission: to offer you a yachting experience as unique and precious as the rarest pearl.

Boutique Yacht Builder since 1988.

Pearl’s thoughtful design and first-class craftsmanship are evident from the beautifully streamlined exterior to the stunningly appointed, artfully spacious interiors. Owners are offered a range of engines and layouts and can customize the interior with their choice of interior themes designed by Kelly Hoppen. Above all, the shipyard always works closely with each ship owner to ensure every detail is correct, guaranteeing a level of personal attention beyond compare.

Attention to detail is the pride of our design team. Led by award-winning naval architect Bill Dixon, Pearl’s design ethos of beautifully crafted yachts, leading innovation and excellent seakeeping is evident in both aesthetics and functionality, with significant pioneering steps in the most exciting new directions being taken around the world. range of yachts. Adding an extra cabin like no other brand, integrating next-generation propulsion systems before others, and painting striking, recognizable lines on the exterior are just a few examples of how Bill Dixon has put Pearl Yachts in competition with the industry’s leaders.

No other yacht company works with world-famous British designer Kelly Hoppen. Her ever-evolving style, defined by a subtle combination of clean lines and neutral tones, intuitively balanced with a rich warmth, has been honored with numerous prestigious awards, including an MBE for interior design services in 2009. Every Pearl is a canvas, whereupon Kelly’s impeccable design philosophy takes shape in a unique and surprising yet coordinated interior. For owners, this means just that to ensure when buying a yacht: feeling in place wherever you go, finding their intuition reflected in the environment, and keeping their mind sharp without feeling on the edge. In other words, Kelly has a knack for bringing everything together the way it should be.


Care. It may be a small word, but it means a lot to us at Pearl. No one cares about your experience more than we do. We offer 24-hour after-sales service to ensure that you, as the owner of İnci, are happy at every moment of your life. In addition, every new yacht benefits from an industry-leading comprehensive 5-Year warranty designed to protect your investment, retain its residual value and give you absolute peace of mind in the future. Whatever you need to make the most of your Pearl experience, we will always be on hand to advise and inspire you, wherever you and your yacht are located.

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