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Pride Mega Yachts

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24 Şubat 2024 - 19:43

Pride Mega Yachts

Pride Mega Yachts

Pride Mega Yachts is a premier specialist yacht builder on China’s Yantai Peninsula. Luxury shipbuilding cost With over 25 years of experience, our international team of expert consultants, designers and yacht builders provides superior customer service and the highest quality final product. Specializing in the development and development of 80-120 meter superyachts, Pride Mega Yachts uses state-of-the-art sustainability to build the next generation of unique luxury yachts.


Our range of luxury mega motor yachts. Boarding and combining each other on one of our crashing superyachts, friends or colleagues together exploded a world of adventures and incredible experiences. Enjoy a luxurious lifestyle on a floating paradise and eternal memories are preserved with your loved ones. At Pride Mega Yachts we offer a completely customized service, from bespoke layout to interior partitioning to find our client’s dream.

Pride Mega Yachts are world-class, modern-day mega yacht builders based on the Yantai Peninsula in China’s Bohai Gulf. Pride Mega Yachts designs and builds its yachts to European capacity with an internal, international team of world-class consultants and designers. The use of tested, cutting-edge technologies ensures an unwavering focus on innovation and sustainability.

With over 25 years of superyacht experience, luxury shipbuilders Pride Mega Yachts have a number of high-quality international projects under their belts. China has traditionally been unable to advance the global yachting industry, but it is growing rapidly. Both the country and Pride Mega Yachts have a strong interest in addiction to perfectionism and significant involvement in the nature of the world economy.

The unrivaled level of professionalism is reflected in the high levels of marine expertise in engineering, construction, methodology, research and development, design and production. The desire to consistently provide the best rides in the constant pursuit of excellence required to create premium quality superyachts. Endless and meticulous workmanship forms an indispensable basis in the realization of the largest, highest quality, unlimited high-end superyachts.

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