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27 Şubat 2024 - 11:25


Nautica Salpa: Meeting of Experience and Innovation

Nautica Salpa is an organization with over thirty years of experience in the maritime industry. Founded in 1984 by Antonio and Enza Ekmek, the company brought together the experience they gained in the field of craft over many years and gave birth to Nautica Salpa.

The dynamism and technological innovation that determine the company’s success are combined with the goal of always producing high quality boats. Nautica Salpa is focused on providing the highest quality products at competitive prices by optimizing every stage of the production process, following a careful investment and research policy.

Nautica Salpa’s boats are the product of research and development carried out in collaboration with the Department of Composite Materials Engineering of the University of Naples “Federico II”. Thanks to this cooperation, the boats meet the highest standards in terms of both safety and performance.

Nautica Salpa always aims to offer the best to its customers by combining its passion for maritime with its expert knowledge. With its experience, innovation and understanding of quality, Nautica Salpa has a leading position in the maritime world.

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