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27 Şubat 2024 - 12:00


Silverton: The Reliable Address for Yacht Enthusiasts

Staten Island Yacht Sales is on a mission to build long-term relationships and make yacht enthusiasts’ dreams come true. As the strongest yacht sales and brokerage firm in the Northeast, it offers a wide range of services, including second-hand yachts, as well as leading brands in the industry such as Viking Yachts, Princess Yachts, Absolute Yachts, Prestige Yachts, Valhalla Boatworks, HCB Yachts, Pardo Yachts. .

Founded in 1964 as Staten Island Boat Sales and over time becoming one of the largest mid-size yacht dealers in the world, Staten Island Yacht Sales has been known for its customer-focused approach since its establishment. Founders Phillip and Frank Bongiorno’s passion for sailing and entrepreneurial spirit have led the company to its current success.

The SI Yachts team is recognized as a leader in the industry and continually strives to improve customers’ boating experiences. Prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else and adopting a customer-oriented service approach, the team aims to offer the highest quality experience to customers at every stage.

Under the leadership of SI Yachts owner and boatman Frank Bongiorno, the company has always put customers’ needs and demands first. Our expert team of certified technicians works around the clock to provide customers with the most comprehensive boating experience.

Adopting the mission of doing the right thing by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, SI Yachts is always with you to make customers’ dreams come true. If you are looking to buy a new yacht, sell your existing yacht, or don’t know where to start your boating journey, do not hesitate to contact our experienced sales and service experts.

Start your adventure on the seas and live your dreams by joining the SI Yachts family, the reliable address for yacht enthusiasts.

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